Basic guidelines for fixing the brother sewing machine

As a first thing when you are purchasing the sewing machine then first you should learn the little tricks and tips about the sewing machine. Because when your sewing machine is not functioning properly then you can use the tips and tricks to repair it by yourself. When you know the functioning of your sewing machine then you can solve the problems immediately when it is not working properly. The following are the some of the issues you can experience it while you are working with it and you need to know about how to fix the brother sewing machine and the solution for the issues are also given.

  • When there are three threads appear instead of having two at the foot pressure even when the threads are tight. Then you need to check whether the whether the bobbin and needle threads are tight and when it is not tight then these threads will try to form a loop in the stitches.
  • If your machine is making a loud sound, the fabric is not going anywhere and your stitches looked to be messy and loose then you need simply unclog your jam and remove all the excess threads which are present in the fabric and as well as inside the machine.
  • When the machines come unthreaded while you are stitching then you need to check the bobbin and the eye of the needle by ensuring that whether it has the long thread of 3-4 inches under the foot pressure and the hang back behind the machine.
  • When the stitch looks loopy and really loose on the one side or both sides of the fabric then check whether the threads are tightened properly in the drop in bobbin area and if not then rethread the machine and start the sewing.

When you experience any problem in fixing the brother sewing machine then you can also get the help from the service experts from the shop where you have bought the sewing machine or you can also get help from your friends who are using the machine for a long time.

Solutions for the sewing machine problems

When you are new to the usage of sewing machine then you must learn how to fix the brother sewing machine and you must also understand the solutions to overcome the problem of the sewing machine. As a first thing the problem arises with the quality of thread then you are using the low quality threads then it will often be cut when you are stitching so you should always choose to buy the highest quality of thread for stitching in order to avoid these kinds of problems. The next thing you must check about the proper oiling to the motor for lubrication because when it is not lubricated then it will become hard to you press the paddle when you are stitching so the stitches will not be properly stitched in the leather or clothes.   These are basic things which you have to keep in your mind for maintaining the sewing machine.

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